The xRider concept was born from the fusion of two brands, and aiming to communicate this blend with the appearance of the product. A car brand, and a super bike brand were the once that had to be merged to create the object. The brief didn’t just inspire the aesthetics, it got to influence the overall concept.

The x-Rider 4 is a new concept of vehicle. It mixes the essences of a car and of a motorbike. The cars architecture gives the necessary stability and grip to the vehicle, while the it invites the driver to get a more dynamic and sporty position. This allows a more sporty driving offering the driver very extreme sensations impossible to get otherwise.

The low height creates the feeling of being nearly touching road. Inspired by the extreme positions adopted by sleight drivers, xRider places the head of the driver in the front. This becomes the main characteristic of the whole concept, giving a completely different personality to the vehicle.