MagFoam is the result of 3 day workshop working with the EXP process. The EXP process makes reference to a non linear way of working. A process based on questions more than answers, a process that EXPlores, EXPeriments, EXPloits…

The initial idea was to work around the Augmented Materials. Materials that have new functions, new properties or behaviours. The result, a magnetic foam, and many unexpected discoveries.

When the brief was delivered, the concept I generated was about creating bodies that would behave in unexpected ways. The first prototype was built from this, the idea was to use correct to make the ball move continuously. It didn’t work. I thought the solution was to have a magnetic but very light material. That how the idea of building a magnetic sponge was generated.

I succeeded in on that, but found an opportunity on developing a sponge that would be magnetic when under pressure. The last iterations didn’t drive me to the solution of this last question, but gave me some deep insights. The attracted ferroliquids have a direct impact in the surface finishing on foams. The question is posed, now is about EXPing more.