Inspired by the increasing success of the actions sports and by the lack of them in the coast, Igex is a revolutionary water transport.

It is designed to be driven without commands, directed by the position of the body of the user.




During the development of the product, we had to deal with the fact that the object was going to be in contact with the body. That is why we created many rought volumes/models to test that the

Igex was going to be confortable for the user. In the same way, we didn’t want to sacrifry the aesthetical character of the concept, so we had to work simultaneously in the ergonomical and aesthetical development.





The big effort of the Igex project was to define the interior in a viable way. We had many constrains that made us change the design, but is this compromise between design and techniche that allowed us creating something nice and technically buildable.







The Igex project evolved from a simple I.D. project to an entrepreneurial project. The idea was awarded by two institutions (BCD and ISEA) and an investor* show the interest in the idea. This made us go deeper with the development of the project. First we had to check the flotability of the product. At the beginning it wasn’t flotable, so we had to change the volume to make the product float.

But the product needs a plan to be marketed, so we had to develop a marketing plan. As the product was quite expensive for the final user, we choosed a renting system to make the Igex afordable for every one. So we defined the distribution, the transportation, the target, the incomes, etc.