Hey! I’m Antton!

Basque by birth, Cosmopolitan at heart. I’m a designer who is constantly exploring different disciplines to have impact in distinct areas.

Currently I’m part of the Global Innovation Design, double masters program. GID is run by the Royal College of Art (RCA) and Imperial College London. The program is a journey around the world, with significant time spent in London, Tokyo, and New York. There we are immersed in different cultures and multiple design, technology, and business disciplines.

Through my work, I aim to inspire, to show that things can be different, better. I do that by juxtaposing different fields, such as: gastronomy and electronic engineering, water sports and business, anthropology and robotics.

Although imagining the future [that’s my job!] takes most of my time, I also love climbing, skiing, canyoning, and spelunking.

Want to know more about me?